Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer

‘Ode’ to be a Babe . . .

So my buds over at have been mulling over contest ideas.  We knew we wanted to give away an Amazon gift card ($50.00) and some cute Babes Gear from our Babes store, but hey, the stuff was a little pricey, so we wanted to make people work for it AND have some fun in the process.  Then we remembered Babe Mary Stella sharing an ‘Ode to the Penis’ she’d written just for fun.  It was a hoot and a half, so we decided to base the contest on the Ode.  You’ll be able to read Mary’s Ode this week on   Till then, get creative and enter!

 ‘Ode,’ but I’d love to be a Babe Contest

As the contest requests, we're looking for odes.
To celebrate princes, transformed from big toads
Or pregnant fair ladies, with secrets they've hid
Those amnesiac men don't know it's their kid! 

Compose a cute poem of terms that are silly
Euphemisms and such, describing the willy.
 A ditty of heroines -- TSTL
Don't name authors names or we'll all roast in hell.

Submit your entry to our email addy
The Babes will vote on the goody and baddy
The seven best odes we'll post for the masses
Two weeks of voting by all lads and lasses

If you're in the running, invite those you know.
To vote for your ode in the comments, just so.
One vote per person, no cheats, if you please
Or we'll pull those votes with the greatest of ease.

So what do you get for creating an Ode?
A treasure trove BabesinBookland mother-lode.
An Amazon gift card -- $50 bucks in the till.
Plus autographed books and Babes goods -- What a thrill!

Get working, get writing, start on your rhyming.
Entering this contest requires good timing.
Submit your Ode by November seven
And you might win BabesinBookLand Gift Heaven.

Contest Rules . . . All entries must be sent to in the body of the email – no attachments.

If selected, you are encouraged to forward the link to your ode on, not the actual content.

By submitting, you represent that the work is original and that you are the author – co-authored materials must clearly state all names with the submission.

You agree to hold, all associates, contributors and affiliates harmless and further agree that you accept the terms as stated herein by submitting an ode for the contest.

So put on your creativity, the contest will run from 10/29/07-11/3/07.  The top 7 Odes will be posted and people can vote for their favorite (hint – wake the neighbors, tell your friends) from 11/7/07 until voting closes on 11/14.  The winner will be announced on 11/15/07.

Good luck