Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer

Hi Welcome to the features page!

There’s a little bit for every one, Booksellers, aspiring writers, military wives and loves.

BOOKSELLERS: Are you a bookseller and want to be on my Advance Reading Copy list (ARC)? Or would you like promotional items for your store? Click here.

READERS: you can enter my next contest and win these fabulous pamper me prizes and autographed books. Did you read Naked Truth? Hit Hard is the next Dragon One story with Sam Wyatt and Viva Fiori, read an excerpt and click here to vote for the next D1 hero to have his story told and win a prize. With over the top Max, Sebastian, Logan or Riley, Who will be next? My Marine Son Nickolas will be chosing the winner. Vote by June 1st!

For MILITARY WIVES AND LOVES here’s a link to two authors who have written spectacular books that help military spouses and families. I can’t recommend these books enough and its been a long time coming. What I learned the hard way, through trial and error and help from my mother, is in Shelly Vandervoote’s book, Separated by Duty, United in Love. Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer's book, Help! I'm a Military Spouse: I Want a Life Too!, you find steps to help you, ways to make a job while your stationed over seas. And Advice on creating time and space that is yours alone.


Joining the Marine Tribe? Try these links


And of course, there’s Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul. Stories that will inspire and warm your heart, each written by military wives from world war II till now. I’ve got one in there too, Sacrifices, and I wrote it when we were stationed in Okinawa Japan. Its been printed before on and its in the front of the Key Volunteer handbook for Marine Wives.

Also for the civilians out there who read my books but find the jargon confusing sometimes, this link will bring you up to speed or just inform.

ASPIRING WRITERS: For those of you out there who want to write a romance novel, your first stop should be Romance wrtiters of America - You can’t go wrong there. Joining will get you so much more than a monthy magazine and RWA is the only writer organization that has unpublished writers in its membership.

Now, there are a lot of How-To books out there and below I’ve listed my personal favorites. Before you ask, yes, after 35 books I still re-read them and use them constantly to refresh the basics. Sure, there are lots more out there, but I consider these essential to crafting a good story, no matter what genre.

  • The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines, 16 Master archetypes, Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, Sue Viders.
  • Goal, Motivation, and Conflict, Debra Dixon,
  • 20 Master Plots, Ron Tobias, Writers Digest
  • 45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters, Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Writers Digest
  • Fiction Writers Brainstormer, James V. Smith, Writers Digest
  • Writer's Brainstorming Kit, Pam McCutcheon, Michael Waite