Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Amy and Golden Heart finalist,
Priscilla Kissinger on Rita night.
We met while living on Okinawa.

Amy and Maureen Child
after the Rita ceremony. 
Maureen has sold over 100 books!

Amy and NYT bestselling author Cindy Gerard at the RWA Rita Awards night in San Fran.

Amy having drinks with writer
Sydney Boyd in San Fran, CA

Maureen & Amy
before Publisher's parties

Amy and the newest Fetzer,

Amy and author Rhonda Pollero
shopping in Sausalito.


Debra Webb &
Cindy Gerard

My Good looking guys,
Bob, Nick and Zack.

Happy Mom, my son
back from Iraq.

Amy and her Peeps

Kathleen, Maureen
& Susan

Missy Wickersham and Amy

Readers Lou Cobb
and Karen Daughtry

Whooping it up at Benihana's

Amy, writer Tina Callais and
my editor Kate Duffy